Barcelona and a Babylangues update


Barcelona was AMAAAAZING.  Tour Guide Chloe did a fab job of showing Anna and I around and we managed to see a lot in the time we were there.

After getting a taxi to Paris Charles de Gaulle at 4am (which turned out to be very entertaining- there are a lot of people still out from the Friday night at 4am on a Saturday!) I arrived in Barcelona before 9am, and was with Chloe within forty five minutes!

On the Saturday we had a lot of catch up time- we’ve not all been together since May!  We saw Placa Espanya from the top of a bull ring which has now been converted into a shopping centre, cinema and viewing point while we were waiting for Anna’s train to arrive.

Look how pretty it is in the sun!

Placa Espanya
Placa Espanya

Sunday we got on with our sightseeing and we packed a lot in!  We went to Parc Guell, a really cool museum in El Born all about the history of Barcelona, the Parc Ciutadella and even the beach!  My favourite was Parc Guell- the mosiacs are beautiful.

Parc Guell in the sunshine!
Parc Guell in the sunshine!

On Monday morning Anna and I were left to explore by ourselves while Chloe was in uni.  Anna took charge as the navigator (muchas gracias, Anna) and we went off to the Sagrada Familia.  It is so so tall, much taller than I expected!  We didn’t go inside but we’ve got plans for a reunion trip in 2026 when the outside is finally finished!

The Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia

We caught up with Chloe later, took a cable car up Montjuic and then went for dinner and sangria.

Sangria time (the best time)
Sangria time (the best time)

Anna and I walked around the Las Ramblas area on the Tuesday before we said our goodbyes to Chloe and headed back to Paris and Aix.  It was so much fun spending time with two of my best friends, and it’s probably when I’ve been most appreciative of the fact that since I’m living in Paris I can just hop on a plane to see my pal Chloe who lives in Barcelona!  Whilst I miss Edinburgh, I know what I really miss is everyone there and (tissues ready) to be honest, it just wouldn’t be the same if I was there without these two!

And speaking of people who I miss from Edinburgh, I had a lovely visit from Martha just a couple of days after I got back from Barcelona.  I’m very lucky that people want to see Paris!

Eiffel Tower visit with Martha
Eiffel Tower visit with Martha

We spent the weekend sightseeing, and we also went to a production of Peter Pan, along with my Erasmus pals Sasha and Katherine, which I can only describe as very French.  Personally for me, the highlight was at the end when the children were reunited with their parents and they all did a lovely but definitely theatrical song and dance, then the lost boys tumbled in the window and broke into a hip hop routine!  They were closely followed through the window by Peter Pan, then Captain Hook and his pirates, all of whom also had a dance routine they just wanted to squeeze into the Darling bedroom set.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

It’s now back to normality here- I’ve had another three exams and a presentation so was properly knackered this weekend!  I’ve started with my new Babylangues family and it’s so far so good!  Five year old Benjamin* is very chill.  He loves Pokemon and spent ages telling me all about every card in very rapid French!  Babylangues provide workbooks which he isn’t interested in at all, but he’s happy to count in English and use words for colours and please and thank you.  We’ve been playing with Playmobil knights and castles so he’s improving very specific areas of his vocabulary!  I’m with Benjamin on Mondays and Tuesdays and he has another instructor on Thursdays and Fridays who I’ve now met.  It’s quite nice having a partner and being able to have a chat about what activities Benjamin will enjoy and learn from.  I’ve just got the one session with him this week as Armistice Day is a holiday in France so there’s no uni or school.  Edinburgh Uni never have days off!

I think that’s all for now.   This week I’m back to normal with just classes and no exams-hooray!  Though there may be exam results to look forward to.  Scores are out of 20 here, instead of a percentage or a number out of 100.  I’ve had 12.5 and 14.5 for the two exams I’ve got back so far, which I’m very pleased with- that’s a B and an A by Edinburgh standards!  I seem to be keeping up with the French students (touch wood, don’t want to jinx it now!) in terms of results which I’m certainly relieved and pleasantly surprised by!

Craig arrives on Thursday for the weekend- I’ve been counting down since his last visit and now it’s only three sleeps to go!

À bientôt!

Lisa x

*again, not his real name

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