Signing up for classes at Diderot

I have brilliant news in that I finally have a timetable!  There’s a boulangerie I walk past every day on my way back from the metro and early last week I decided that when I managed to sign up for classes a tarte aux fraises would be a suitable reward!

Well worth the struggle.
Well worth the struggle.

Signing up for classes has been a long, bureaucratic and quite frankly ridiculous process than has had me longing for the efficiency of Edinburgh Uni.

Months ago we had to complete a learning agreement with a list of provisional choices for French and Linguistics.  This has been signed numerous times by both Edinburgh and Diderot.  Upon arrival it turned out that almost none of the classes I had provisionally chosen were running, so it was back to square one.

So I had to find new courses, from a much more streamlined selection which I’m actually really disappointed by as there were courses I would have quite liked to have done.  Then I had to go round the different offices to look at the timetables on the walls to create a timetable, then after checking that worked I had to go to each office to ask them to sign me up for the class.  There seems to be zero communication between departments and I was sent back and forward three times to try to sign up for a linguistics course, which I eventually managed to do after my lovely friend Martha (back in Scotland) found the office number on their website!  So I had two afternoons of that, then today I finally managed to sign up online for a French as a foreign language grammar class which by some stroke of luck actually fits with my timetable.  And as far as I know, I’m now good to go… The only thing is, I have to do it all again in January, as apparently it’s far too early to be thinking about second semester!

There is a total lack of information available online and the whole process was just so much more stressful than it needed to be. All the offices also close for two hours at lunch time, which made signing up difficult as I was on an intensive course and the only time I had free was during my lunch hour!

The classes I’m taking this semester are analyse de discours, linquistique contrastive, langue comme fait sociale (I think it’s some sort of French sociolinguistics), histoire langue française, medieval literature and civilization, a course in current French civilization and a French grammar class.  Typing that out it seems an awful lot, but it’s only 23 credits and I needed to take a minimum of 20 per semester, while a full course load is 30!

I just hope they all turn out to be okay because I genuinely don’t think I can face the stress of having to make any more changes!

Lisa x

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