Amongst all the stress of opening a bank account, Dad and I managed to fit in a day at Disneyland Paris!  It was so great to have a fun day that didn’t involve French bureaucracy!

My parents’ friends had very generously given me euros before I left for Paris.  I am happy to report that I spent this money on a passeport annuel, which means I can go as often as I’d like in the next year!  Thank you very much once again to you all!

Dreams come true!
Dreams come true!

I’d joked about this with so many people, because anyone who knows me knows how much I love Disney, so I thought you’d all be pleased to know that I actually went ahead with it!

I think the journey from my flat to the gates of Disneyland Paris is an hour at the most, which is incredibly exciting and just sounds crazy!  We had a fab day and I’m looking forward to going back with Craig when he visits in a fortnight, and of course with my family in October.  Poor Megan was in school as I was sending her selfies from the Space Mountain queue…so it’s only fair really!

Lisa x

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